Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. What is PSARA Act?

Private Security Agencies (Regulation) Act, 2005, commonly known as PSARA, is an act to regulate functioning of Private Security Agencies so that they operate within a legal framework and are accountable to a regulatory mechanism. Every state and union territory has enacted this act and appointed controlling authority for the purpose of granting license.

2. Is license mandatory to run a security company?

License is mandatorily to be obtained from every state where security agency wish to operate. If any security agency is found to be running without license, criminal action is taken against that agency.

3. Who issues PSARA license?

It is issued by the controlling authority appointed by the state. State usually appoints Home Secretary or police officer not below the rank of Joint Commissioner for issue of PSARA license.

4. How to know whether the agency is holding PSARA license or not?

You can visit to check the status of license including its validity and expiry.

5. What is the concept of Security Guard Board in Maharashtra? Is it mandatory to get exemption from the Board?

Security Guard Board was formed in Maharashtra for the welfare of the security guards working in Maharashtra. As per the Act, a private security agency can provide service to principal employer by getting exemption from the Board. A private security agency operating without obtaining exemption for the guards provided is illegal. Therefore, exemption from the Board to provide security guards is mandatory.

6. What is Security Guard Board Levy?

Security Guard Board levy is a levy payable for each registered/exempted security guard @3% per month on minimum wages. It is recoveerd from the principal employer (client) and paid to the Board.

7. What are the things to check before hiring guards from a security agency?

Guideline to hire a security agency:
1. Registered and Complying with following:
> Exempted by Security Guard Board (For Maharashtra state only)
> EPF Act
> ESIC Act
> Professional Tax
> Income Tax Act
> Companies Act
2. ISO 9001:2015 Company
3. Strong Recruitment Procedure
4. PCC of guards
5. Training facility
6. List of Clientele
7. Number of years in operation

8. Whether Security Guard is skilled, semi skilled or unskilled as per the Minstry of Labour & Employment?

Security Guard has been categorised as Skilled Worker by Ministry of Labour & Employment, Governemnt of India vide its Gazette notification dated 19/01/2017. Security Supervisor has been categroised as Highly Skilled Worker.
But, most of the state governemnt continue to classify security guard as unskilled labour and minimum wages applicable to them is of unskilled labour only. Whereas, Security Supervisor is classified as Semi Skilled Labour by most state government.

9. How much does it cost to hire a Security Guard in India or in Mumbai?

A Security Guard is defined as unskilled labour by most state government and hence wages applicable to uskilled labour is applicable to Security Guard. Some state government have specifically defined rate for security guard. Usually it cost Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 18,000 per guard per month for 8 hours shift depending upon state to state. Once the labour code comes into force, floor rate will be the benchmark rate and minimum wages fixed by the state government cannot be less than floor rate fixed by the central government.

In Maharashtra, wages affixed by Security Guard Board is applicable to Security Guards which is currently around Rs. 25,000 per month in Mumbai & Thane.

10. Is license required for providing Bouncers or Guards for an event or on short term basis?

Any entity who is providng security service of guards, bouncers, bodyguards, close protection officer, armed guards, etc. mandatorily requires PSARA license. Length of service is immaterial. However, exemption under security guard board is not required.

11. What is your turnaround time for providing security service?

For an event, even one day prior notice is sufficient for us. However, due to availibility factor, we recommend informing us in advance. For regular monthly requirement, we need atleast one week time to complete pre deployment activity.

12. Do I need to pay in advance for short term or event security?

For event based requirement, we need atleast 50% advance payment and balance at the time of event. For short term requirement, like bouncers and bodyguards, it depends upon the requirement.

13. I am based outside India? How can I hire Bodyguard or Personal Protection Officer for my trip to India?

You can email us your schedule or requirement on or call us on +91-8080-437-437. We will send you the quotation and all necessary details. Once you make the advance payment, we would send you the escort detail.

14. I have temporary requirement for office staff, is it advisable to hire temp staffing?

Temp staff is ideal for short term or temporary requirement. However, if the requirement is permanent in nature or more than 3 years than hiring directly on your payroll is cost effective and advisable. You can get in touch with us for best quote.

15. Why should I hire support staff like gardener, plumber, etc. from third party, when I can directly hire them?

If you directly hire the manpower, you have to recruit, train them, manager their payroll and comply with labour laws. When you hire from third party, you can ask for replacement and have flexibility in hiring.