A trained security personnel is an asset to an organisation. Our training program is scientifically designed, keeping in view modern business requirement and in compliance with PSARA. Our training programs, covers all the aspects of training starting with physical fitness, classroom training, on the job training and special training. Our security training institute is centrally located in Mumbai. Aim of our training program is to make security guard self reliant to handle day to day routine and empower him to provide assistance at the time of crisis.

Physical Training of Security Guards

Physical Fitness Training for Security

The most important aspect of a security guard is his physical fitness. Without physical fitness, a security guard cannot face day to day challenges which security job demands. Security guard needs to undergo physical training to increase their endurance, stamina and overall fitness level. Physical training make them aware of importance of physical fitness and motivates them to remain physically fit throughout their security career.

Security Guards sitting in Classroom Training

Classroom Training for Security

A modern security guard cannot afford to be only physcially fit, but needs to be euipped with necessary skill and ability to perform his job in the most professional manner. Classroom training brings the best out of the security personnel and gives him the confidence to get through his daily job routine with high efficency and zero error. Our classroom training covers all broad topics which prepares him to carry out security work in any industry. We have well equipped classrom with 40 person seating capacity.
We impart situational based training and conduct interactive sessions to make the learning fun and create better recall rate. Our class room training methodology includes the following:

  • Interactive lectures
  • Video Presentation
  • Case Studies
  • Group Discussion
  • Mock Drill
  • Role Playing
  • Practical Training

Along with guarding techniques, they are also trained for usage of technological applications and handling of security devices and systems.

On Site Classroom Training of Security Guards

On Site Training for Security

While physical fitness training program prepares the guard physically and classroom training polishes his mental skill, on site training goes deeper and imparts the necessary skill which is related to the workplace where security guard is deployed. On site training is provided at the workplace and covers all the topic related to the work to be carried out at site. Our onsite training includes the following

  • Demonstration
  • Practical Training
  • Simulated exercise
Fire Drill for Office Staffs

Fire Fighting, First Aid and Life Safety Training for Security and Facility

Fire fighting, first aid and disaster management has become important aspect of security. A security guard should be able to take necessary steps to combat fire and provide first aid till the arrival of fire brigade or ambulance. We provide fire fighting training not just to our guards, but to client’s employees also in order to collectively handle fire and save precious life. First aid for various life threating incident can be very useful tool. Basic level of disaster management such as earthquake, flooding, riots, etc. proves to be very effective at the time of crisis.

Security Guards Training to extinguish fire through fire extinguisher

Training for Facility Management Services

We provide classroom and practical training to our facility personnel to give them necessary skill to take on their daily task with increased efficiency and productivity. It includes understanding of various chemicals used in cleaning, their usage, quantity and careful handling. Training about latest equipment usage, safe handling and maintenance is also covered. Frequency of cleaning, time keeping and optimum usage of available manpower are part of training.