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Bangalore is a major IT hub and known for its tech savvy population. It’s cosmopolitan nature attracts talent from across the country. Many security and housekeeping companies have also ushered in the last decade as the city developed and offered opportunity for private security and housekeeping company in Bangalore.

As per the latest data, more than 100 registered security agencies in Bengaluru (Urban) are operating, which are registered under Private Security Agencies (Regulation) Act, 2005 (PSARA). Registration under PSARA is mandatory, but there are many unregistered Manpower service provider in Bengaluru which are providing security guards in Bengaluru. These security provider are not bothered about the statutory compliance and due to low cost of operation, they are hired by people who are desirous of hiring cheap security service in Bangalore. This approach, in the long run, proves to be more costly, as non compliance leads to financial lability and legal cost.

Security services in Bangalore

On the other hand, registered private security agencies in Karnataka provides unparallel service to their clients and have helped in making Bangalore a safer city. Due to their sheer number, private unarmed and armed guards in Bengaluru have the advantage over police, by being present in every nook and corner of the city. They are providing helping hand and vigilant eye to the police and thereby assisting the Bangalore police in making the city safe and crime free.

In order to get the PSARA license, a security company in Karnataka, mandatorily required to comply with many acts such as PF, ESIC, shop and establishment and other Karnataka labour laws. If you are looking to hire a top security agency in Karnataka, you must hire only PSARA compliant companies.

Our new branch office in Bengaluru

Globe Security has recently opened a branch office in Bengaluru, and we are please to inform that we are part of the top 10 security agency in Bengaluru. It is our mission to be the most trusted private security company in Bengaluru. We are constantly working hard to be the most preferred corporate security agency in Bengaluru.

Along with professional security service in Bengaluru, we have started Housekeeping and Facility service in Bengaluru too. Dealing with a single vendor for security and facility service in Bangalore, makes life easier. Therefore, if you are looking for reliable security guard service and corporate housekeeping service in Bengaluru, Globe Security is the number one name.

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