Front & Back Office Manpower

Outsourcing of manpower is not a new phenomena in India, but it gained momentum since 2006. Outsourcing of manpower is not only a trend in private sector, but also in public sector and government establishment, who are practicing this very effectively and efficiently. More and more organisation are successfully adopting it, as it protects them against inefficiency of staff, high replacement cost, compliance issue and complexity of labour laws.

Often people get confused with hiring manpower and outsourcing of manpower. When you outsource the work to a third party, they get the job done on your behalf and charge you on hourly, monthly or on assignment basis. Whereas, when you hire manpower resource, they are just like your employee but on contractual basis. Hiring manpower service is better than outsourcing of work whether in the long run or in short term due to the following factors:

  • It is much cheaper than outsourcing
  • Gives you complete control over the resource you hire
  • They can work in customise way by using your systems and software
  • You can hire as many as you wish and till the time you need

Our manpower service in Mumbai gives you the freedom to hire as per your desire. You can hire manpower in Mumbai on monthly retainer ship basis. There is no restrictions on number of manpower you want to hire and the duration for which you want to hire. Essentially temp staff and manpower service is of same nature, but manpower service is a wider concept and it includes temp staff under its umbrella.

We have achieved great niche in providing manpower service in Mumbai. We are serving many private and government sector clients. When you hire manpower from us, you get the following benefits:

  • Proper Documentation
  • Full compliance to labour laws
  • Medical checkup, if required
  • Manpower on our payroll

We provide staff for back office and front office work. We also provide labours for factory and godown.

Labour Service

Hire Carpenter, Plumber, Electrician, Driver, Gardener, Cook, Nurse and Caretaker on our payroll

We have recently added service of providing Carpenter, Plumber, Electrician, Driver, Gardener, Cook, Nurse and Caretaker in our bouquet of services. Our existing satisfied clients who have hired us for security and housekeeping services, wished to deal with single vendor for manpower requirement too. To carry our philosophy forward, Globe has started labour manpower services, for all non-core activity requirement. Within a short span of time, we have successfully deployed large number of manpower in Mumbai. If you are looking for professional labour service provider in Mumbai, contact us for the best quote.

We have large network and expertise to help you in hiring Carpenter, Plumber, Electrician, Driver, Gardener, Cook, Nurse and Caretaker in Mumbai. They will be on our payroll and we will take care of compliance. You can hire as per your requirement and at reasonable cost.

What our client has to say about their experience in hiring Manpower from us:

“Globe Security has provided us security guard, housekeeper, office boy, salesman, field staff and steno for our regional office in Mumbai from past 7 years and we are satisfied with quality of staff, compliance and overall service.”
-Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA)