Industrial Security

A manufacturing unit’s activity is complex as compared to service and trading industry. Beside the complex nature of production, a factory needs to comply with number of acts, rules and regulation like Factory Act, Pollution Control Act, Contract Labour Act, etc. Similarly, securing a factory involves many challenges on day to day basis. Risk of loss by theft and pilferage is highest at a factory as compared to other sites. Therefore, role of security is very critical in mitigating the risk faced by industrial unit.

Globe Security deployed at a factory or a warehouse undertakes following function which are broadly defined:

  • Access control
  • Material Inward and Outward Management
  • Vehicle Pass and Parking Management
  • Visitor Pass Management
  • Maintenance of registers, records and files
  • Adherence to safety procedure
  • Guarding the boundary wall
  • Regular patrolling inside the factory or godown
  • Maintaining order among labour
  • Coordination with external agencies
  • Reporting to Admin/Security head

Besides above duties, our security is capable of following additional special tasks:

  • Fire Fighting
  • First Aid
  • CCTV Operation
  • Basic Disaster Management

We ensure that industrial security personnel understands basic functioning of a factory through regular training. Security should be able to identify and prevent losses suffered by the factory through pro active measures*. We deploy security guards strategically and use them effectively to meet all security requirements of a factory without putting a constraint on the budget.

We understand the precision required in securing a factory, hire us for securing your factory or godown in Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad or Bangalore.

* We provide additional service of Undercover Agent under our detective division. If your company is suffering from abnormal wastage, pilferages, stock loss, security lapses, employee theft, employees having nexus with vendors, union related problems, workers creating nuisance with or without help of locals or any such related activity, then we can help you out in unearthing the real cause. An undercover operation gives the floor-level, down-in-the-trenches viewpoint management needs to ferret out activity in the workplace that can lead to corporate losses

Our operatives are supervised closely by us to ensure that the client problems are being addressed and intelligence is gathered. Regular reports are submitted to the client to keep them informed of the progress and to partner with them in determining the course of action that should be taken. Contact us for detailed information.

What our clients have to say about their experience in hiring us:

“Fire broke out at our manufacturing unit at Pune at night and your security guards were able to handle the situation by calling fire brigade and preventing any major loss to the company.”
-DC Design
“We are satisfied with your service and timely meeting of our concerns for the security of our warehouse.”
-Tata Teleservice
“We have deployed Globe Security Services from 2015 and continue to see many positive changes in our entire security setup.”
-Pilot Honda