Temp Staffing

At times, you do not need a staff on permanent basis as the requirement is temporary in nature. It may be due to seasonal nature of work, servicing a new contract, prolong leave of regular staff or reluctance in hiring a permanent staff. Temporary Staff is ideal in such situations, as it does not create a burden on you. Temp staff in Mumbai enable you to replace the non performing ones without bothering about the replacement cost. It is our endeavor to be leading Contract Staffing Company in Mumbai.

We provide Temporary Staffing Service for the post of:

  • Accountant
  • Back office executive
  • Salesman or salesgirl
  • Tele Caller
  • Data Entry Operator
  • Field Staff
  • Receptionist

Advantages of Contract Staffing Service:

    • Dual benefit of hiring all security needs and event staffing solution under one roof
    • Hire when required
    • Partner with us for your expansion program
    • Manage payroll
    • Compliance with PF, ESIC, etc.
    • Replacement for non-performer
    • Trained staff

If you are looking to hire temporary staff in Mumbai, contact us for the best offers. You may also transfer your existing employees on our payroll to reap the above benefits. Our Temp staff solution is currently available in Mumbai only.

What our client has to say about their experience in hiring Temp staff from us:

“We are pleased to inform that we have hired field staff and tele caller through Globe Security Services Private Limited and they are doing their job as per our guidelines and instructions. We wish them all the best for their future endeavors.”
-Arviva Industries Limited