Retail Security

Security Service for Retail Outlets, Malls, Multiplex and Theatres

Retail Security

We provide security for retail stores, located within a mall or a standalone store. Role of a security guard is primarily to ensure that no merchandise leave the store without being billed or authorised by store manager. He is not suppose to do frisking, but welcomes everyone to the store with a greeting. Security Guard may keep the baggage at the baggage counter and issue token. When the customer leaves, handover the baggage, by accepting the token. Security Guard is required to ensure that items carried are tallied with bill, although he may not require to go through individual items. He may carry out patrolling inside the store from time to time as per the given instruction. At night, security guard protects the showroom from burglar. We are preferred choice for retail security service in Mumbai.

Mall and Shopping Complex Security

Mall and shopping complex being a public place with large gathering, securing the mall against terrorist threat is of utmost importance. Access control is the most important job of the security deployed at the Mall. Security needs to ensure that no dangerous substance is carried by the patrons inside the mall. Following work is performed by our guards deployed at Mall:

  • Frisking through metal detector and by hand
  • Baggage check
  • Vehicle check
  • Crowd control
  • Manning the entrance and exit of the mall
  • Keeping the passageway in front of the mall cleared
  • Attending to any emergency and informing the administrator of the mall

Globe Security can be your alliance to completely secure mall and shopping complex without any compromise or lapses.

Multiplex and Theatre Security

Most important role of security deployed in a multiplex or theatre is ensuring that only ticket holder patrons, printed ticket or e-ticket holders, are allowed to enter the premises. Security is required to ensure that no banned substance including food is carried by the patrons. Crowd control is also important aspect of security in multiplex and theatre. Apart from access control, security plays important role during emergency by aiding in fire fighting, emergency exit, first aid and disaster management. We have experience in securing Multiplex and Theatre in Mumbai and Thane.

What our client has to say about their experience in hiring us:

“Security has been providing security at our showroom from last 8 years without any hiccups. We find their guards trained and professional. We wish them luck to carry forward the good work.”
-Tanshiq Jewelry
“Your security has displayed exceptional skill in dealing with ticketless patrons and have been able to identify and stop the practice. Such exemplary work deserves appreciation. Kudos to your guards.”
-Malhar Cinema
“We find the guards disciplined, professional and able to handle the store efficiently.”
-India Circus
“The services provided to us have been satisfactory. The guards are well trained and efficient in carrying out their duties without causing problems to either our patrons or the management.”
-India Motion Picture Exhibitors