Female Security Guard

In many situations, a female security guard is essential for securing the site. A women is often seen as a friendly face and as such tends to portray a different image to that of the stereo-typical male security guard. Due to this, what could at first be seen as an hostile situation, often has the opposite effect when dealt with by a female security guard. In recent times, there is spike in demand of lady searcher in Mumbai as frisking has become core part of security at many places.

Role of Female Guard

A lady security guard is ideal for places where visitors are mostly female and children. But, role of Female Security Guard is not limited to frisking female visitors, they can undertake almost all the security related task that a male security guard does with equal efficiency and dedication. Presence of lady guard gives a sense of security to woman patrons.

Places usually guarded by Female Guards:

  • Offices
  • Events
  • Escorting Female Employees
  • School and Colleges
  • Malls
  • Multiplex

We provide trained female guards who are capable of working at any given site and are able to handle any situation. We are top lady guard service provider in Mumbai.

What our clients have to say about our female guards:

“Female staff deployed by you has been an asset to our school and they are performing their job with lots of energy, enthusiasm and concerns for our young pupils.”
-Vivero International School