Dog Squads Service

Looking to hire Dog Squads service in Mumbai? Whether you are looking to secure your property, person or an event, look no further.
Our dog squad comprise of highly pedigreed and trained German Shepherds, Doberman and Labradors canine along with skilled and experienced handlers. Presence of Dog Squads work as a deterrent. It also gives a premium feel to an event. These squads are effectively used in industrial applications for perimeter and facility patrol, building/area search operations and intruder detection & apprehension.

Security Dog Training

Dog training starts with obedience training as dog first need to be disciplined to learn new skills. Command training with specific words that dog is able to understand, grasp and act upon is imparted. Training is provided to keep the inherent aggression of the dog in check. Dog must obey commands of his handler without any ambiguity and hesitation. Endurance and agility training is provided to physically enable the dog to execute the command. Each dog is acclimatized to large crowd gathering to enable them to face such situation during his work life and avoid being nervous around crowd.

We have provided Dog Squads service in Mumbai for many events, celebrities and VIP protection.

What our clients have to say about their experience in hiring us:

“Globe has provided us dog squad on various occasions and events. We find their service satisfactory.”
-World Trade Centre – Mumbai