Bank Security

Banking sector was the first industry where professional security was deployed in India. Security of Banks and Financial Institutions are of paramount importance for any nation and private security companies are playing critical role in securing these nation’s treasure.

Banks secure their premises with the help of CCTV, Intruder Alarm System, Strong Room (locker) and most importantly through physical deployment of armed or unarmed guards. Being alert and agile are the two most important quality of a security guard deployed at the bank. Mere presence of security guard deter anyone from harming the bank and ATM. A security guard should safe guard the bank premises to the best of his ability and if the situation goes out of control, he should immediately dial 100 and call the police.

We provide training to guards deployed at the Bank to make them understand their role in unfortunate incident of robbery. Usage of code words and controlling the entrance of the bank, safeguard the bank at the time of robbery. Security of teller counter on daily basis is vital and guard need to ensure that no unauthorized person enter the protected zone. We conduct brief training session for entire branch of the bank to make them aware of the presence of threat and how to tackle it.

Fraud incidents at the ATM are on the rise. Security guard deployed at ATM needs to ensure the following:

    • Face is not covered with helmet, cap or veil
    • Mobile phone is not being used inside the ATM
    • More than one person is not allowed inside the ATM at a time
    • No one is allowed to be inside the ATM for reasonably long period of time

Globe Security understand security needs of the Bank and ATM and ensures that guard remain vigilant for the security of bank 24/7. We monitor presence and movement of guards through app installed on their mobile. At present, we are providing security service at many Banks and ATMs across Maharashtra, Telangana and Karnataka.

Armed guards in Mumbai are no longer permissible, only security guards can be deployed at Banks and ATMs in Maharashtra.

What our clients have to say about their experience in hiring us:

“Globe Security Service Private Limited has been providing us security service from 2010 at our various branches in India and we are pleased with their overall service level.”
– The Karur Vysya Bank Limited
“Due to active involvement of night shift security guard of Globe Security, theft attempt was averted at our Govandi Branch. Juber Ansari did not care for his personal safety and had the courage and presence of mind to tackle the situation bravely.”
– The Hindustan Co-op Bank Limited
“We are satisfied with your service and recommend your service to others.”
– The City Union Bank Limited