Building Security

Security Service of Building – Commercial and Residential

Security of a building has undergone a complete makeover from being a chaukidhar to a professional and trained security guard. Security guards deployed in a building plays a key role in securing the life and assets of the residents and thereby securing the community and city as a whole. Police also appreciate the fact that contribution of private security in societies has played a key role in reducing the crime rate and work load of the police.

Commercial Building Security

With change in office culture, commercial building aesthetics has also undergone complete makeover. A modern commercial complex is equipped with reception, lobby, multi level parking, health club, CCTV camera, fire alarm system, visitor management system, etc.

All the above facility and system will be futile, without a professional security guard capable of managing the security of the complex. We are highly rated security agency for building security in Mumbai. Globe Security is capable of taking care of security needs of modern commercial complex by undertaking following task:

  • Access Control
  • Visitor Management
  • Movement of Material
  • Vehicle and Parking Management
  • Maintaining registers and files
  • Operating CCTV
  • Ensuring adherence to society rules by all the visitors
  • Coordinating with Housekeeping
  • Coordinating with external agencies
  • Fire and Evacuation drill
  • Operating Fire Alarm System

Prior to deployment, our guards are trained to make them fully understand modern commercial building operation and what is expected of them on day to day basis. At the time of deployment, on the job training and briefing is provided to ensure error-free performance from day one.

If you are looking for a professional security setup for your commercial complex, choose Globe Security.

Residential Building Security

Gone are the days when at least one member of the family used to be present in the house to safeguard it. With change in social structure, a security guard has been shouldered with more responsibilities and thus the chowkidhar has evolved into a Security Guard.

Globe Security performs following task in a residential society:

  • Access Control
  • Visitor and delivery boy Management
  • Domestic servant and driver management
  • Vehicle and Parking Management
  • Maintaining registers and files
  • Operation of water tanks
  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Ensuring adherence to society rules by all the visitors, labourers and servants
  • Coordinating with Housekeeping
  • Coordinating with external agencies

Globe Security is capable of guarding your residential complex and keep it safe from burglars, intruders and impersonator. With Globe Security, your residential complex will be 100% secured like a fortress. Now experience the next level in Residential Building Security within your budget. Enquire with us and get instant quotation

Note: Security of residential building in Mumbai does not come under the purview of Security Guard Board.

What our clients have to say about their experience in hiring us:

“We are please to state that Globe Security is providing us security service at our various residential complex and we have not faced any major issue with their service.”
-Raheja Developers
“We have deployed Globe Security Services Private Limited for our ongoing project at Thane and they have been able to meet out standard and expectation. We would like to specifically mentioned efforts of your area manager in providing uninterrupted service at our project.”
-China Construction Company