Security Guard Job FAQ

Number of job aspirants in India who are looking to work as security guard or housekeeper have many job related doubts and queries, but there is not a single source available to answer their queries. To address this issue, we have come up with FAQ for security guards and housekeepers to answer their frequently asked question and clear their doubts. We hope aspiring security guards & housekeepers and even existing security guards will find it helpful.

1. How can I become Security Guard in India?
Anyone can pursue career in Security Guard in India provided they have physical fitness and educational qualification to become security guard. You can approach any security agency for a job.
2. What is the standard of physical fitness and educational qualification for security guard in India?
As per PSARA Act, height – 160 cms. (5.3 Feet), Chest 80 cms. with expansion of 4 cms., Eyesight 6/6 with or without specs. Free from flat foot and knock knee. Able to run 1 km. in 6 minutes. He should be free from any disease. Minimum 8th passed.
3. Do I need to undergo training before working as security guard?
Training is mandatory requirement under PSARA. 100 hours of classroom training and 60 hours of field training spread over twenty working days. As most have practical experience, three day of training or refresher course is sufficient to join the duty. Later, on the job training is provided to further sharpen your skill, knowledge and ability.
4. How to find out about security guard job vacancy?
You may refer regional daily newspaper for security guard job vacancy. Now a days, if requirement is on large scale, then vacancy is posted on job portals also. Alternatively, you may visit office of security company office in your locality to find out about job vacancy.
5. What is the peak vacancy season for security guard job in India?
Mostly there is vacancy throughout the year. Peak time for security guard job vacancy is April to June and October to November.
6. What are the documents required for applying for a security guard job?
Aadhar card, PAN card, rental agreement and educational certificate/marksheet are mandatory requirement. Bank passbook, electricity bill and previous employment payslip are also asked for.
7. How to apply for security guard job?
You can visit recruitment centre or office of security company with requirement documents. If you fulfil the criteria of physical fitness and educational qualification, you will be asked to fill the application form and accept terms and conditions. You many need to undergo training before you will be deployed at site. Once the training is completed, you will be issued ID and uniform along with a posting order. You can join the work as per the instruction in posting order.
8. Is there any joining fee for security guard job?
There is no joining fee for working as security guard. Although you may require to pay for initial set of uniform which cost anywhere between Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 2,000. This is one time payment and next pair of uniform is usually issued free of cost on completion of 6/12 months. Never pay any commission or fees for working as security guard to any agent or third party.
9. Do I need to give any surety money or deposit at the time of joining?
Yes, few agency demand surety money or deposit from the guards at the time of joining to safeguard their interest against any future contingency. It may be deducted from your first salary, if you are unable to pay at the time of joining. Such money is refundable when you complete exit formalities. Globe Security does not demand any such surety money from our security personnel.
10. How much a security guard earns in a month?
Security guards earns anywhere between Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 20,000 per month depending upon his skill, experience, qualification and duty hours. On an average, a newly joined security guard earns Rs. 15,000 per month in Mumbai which includes PF contribution.
11. What are the benefits a security guard gets?
Apart from monthly salary, a guard usually gets PF, ESIC (insurance), yearly bonus, free uniform, etc.
12. Can you make a career out of being a security guard?
A security guard earns decent salary plus get social security in the form of PF and ESIC. If you have leadership quality then you may be promoted as security supervisor after few years of experience. Further, you may be promoted as security officer or you can take a job as field officer with a security company.
After a decade of experience, you can work in admin department of a company overlooking security and facility service. Therefore, if you are undergraduate and have limited scope in other industry then security guard may provide a decent career option.
13. Are there any government run security company?
Yes. For instance, in Maharashtra, Security Guard Board and Maharashtra State Security Corporation are government run security organisations. But, it is not easy to get a job as the number of applicants are higher than post available and hence guard board maintains waiting list for allotting duties to security guard. It may take more than 3 years for your turn to arrive or you may never get job with guard Board.
14. How to apply for job for security with Government?
Public sector companies or government or semi government bodies usually publishes an advertisement in newspaper prior to recruiting candidates. You may apply with all your documents and certificate by filling up the required form. You may try your luck with Maharashtra State Security Corporation for a job. Getting a job with the corporation is brighter than the security guard board or directly with any government bodies as government no longer recruits security personnel directly.
15. Can I get security guard job in sarkari naukri?
Different department of government publish requirement for sarkari naukri in local newspaper. But, these are very rare now a days as most of the job is outsourced through tender system. Many fraudulent company claim that they will give you a sarkari job on payment of application or bharti fees. No such third parties are authorised to work as an agent for sarkari Naukri and you should be careful in not falling for such scams.
16. Does working with government run security agency is more beneficial than private run security companies?
Private companies pay salary as pe minimum wages prescribed by the labour department, hence salary and perks wise there is no difference, provided you take up a job with company paying as per government prescribed wages and benefits. Job security wise, private and government company are again on equal footing as employment is given by government controlled security company when there is vacancy. For instance, at the time of recruitment with Maharashtra State Security Corporation, it is clearly mentioned that you will be deployed subject to availability of post, you cannot claim any compensation for the period duty not assigned to you and your job can be terminated without giving any reason or notice. But, in case of government run security company, you are not under strict supervision and hence more room to be casual at work and this is one of the primary reason for security guards to prefer working for government run security organisation.
17. Can you have two security jobs?
No as per PSARA Act, you cannot take up two security job simultaneously. Also, your security agency will not allow you to take up two security jobs. Usually, there is regular shift rotation and hence you cannot work at two places without knowledge of security company.
18. Is accommodation provided by security company or principal employer?
If the site is located in a remote area then accommodation is usually provided. Accommodation may also be provided in the city depending upon the requirement. But, usually security guard arrange their own accommodation on sharing basis with other security guards.
19. What documents I need to clear PCC?
Aadhar Card, PAN card, latest electricity bill, passport photo, reference of two person and company letter.
20. How many days it takes for Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)?
In 30-40 days you will get your PCC in Mumbai, if all documents are available. Same time frame for most of the location. Your security company will help you in applying the PCC on your behalf.
21. Where I can get 8 hours security job?
Most of the security agency provide 8 hours security job in Mumbai with or without weekly off. You can call or visit their office to enquire about the vacancy. Globe Security is one such name where you can get 8 hours security job. Call us to find any vacancy.
22. Where I can get high salary security job?
High salary security job is available to you if you have right set of skills plus experience. You can work as security supervisor, security officer, bouncer or bodyguard which will help you to earn higher salary. Call us to find any vacancy for bouncer.
23. Where I can find security guard jobs in Mumbai?
There are more than 1,000 active registered security agency in and around Mumbai where you can easily find security job. You may call or visit their office to know about the vacancy and apply for the job.
24. Where I can find security supervisor job in Mumbai?
Security Supervisor post are almost 5% of security guard post and hence not many jobs available for security supervisor. You can try your luck by contacting security agency or can take up job of security guard till the vacancy arrives. Anyway, salary difference is hardly Rs. 1,000 to 1,500 between guard and supervisor.
25. I want night shift security guard job?
Fixed night duty is not allotted usually and even if it does, you are required to be alert during the night also and security agency usually undertakes night round and will penalise you if you are not found alert on job. If you think you can take up fixed night shift job and carry some other work during the day then you are mistaken.
26. How to apply for Security Guard Job in Hotel?
Hotels does not usually recruit security guard directly, but few hotels may recruit security guards directly on their payroll. You may look for such advertisement job in newspaper. Alternatively, your best hope is contacting security company and work in a hotel through security agency.
27. How to get Security Guard job in Banks?
Public or private banks are no longer directly recruiting security guards on their payroll. Only way you can get security job in bank is through private security company. We are serving many banks, you may contact us.
28. How to get Security Guard job in Mumbai Airport?
At Airport, CRPF is deployed at critical location. Regular security guard job is outsourced by the airport. Therefore, you have to apply through a security agency for airport job.
29. How to get a bodyguard job?
If you have required physique, minimum height 5.10 feet, well built, fit and ability to tackle difficult situation, you can work as a bodyguard. You may directly take up a job with person in need of bodyguard like builder and celebrities. Globe Security provides bodyguard to many of its clients and hence you can apply with us. Send your resume at
30. How can I apply for celebrity bodyguard job?
Apart from having the required physique, a celebrity bodyguard needs to have experience, temperament, good past track record as bouncer or bodyguard and most importantly should be trust worthy. A celebrity manager checks the background and experience before finalising and entrusting the job. When we send a bodyguard for selection, rejection rate for celebrity bouncer is more than 90% and hence we shortlist the candidate before sending for final interview and rejection rate is improved to 50%. You can send your resume at and wait for our call.
31. How much salary a regular bodyguard or celebrity bodyguard gets in India?
A bodyguard salary in India is usually starts from Rs. 20,000 and may get as high as Rs. 50,000 depending upon the skill and experience. A celebrity bodyguard salary range starts from Rs. 25,000 and the upper range depends upon his track record and experience.
32. Can I get training from a third party before joining as security guard?
Yes, there are many independent training institute which provide training to guard as per the PSARA and issue certificate. If you receive such training with a certificate, your job prosper with a good company improves significantly and you will get better post and salary too.
33. How can I get housekeeping job?
If you are a fresher, you can approach any housekeeping agency to get the job. Large vacancy is mostly there throughout the year. Usually some basic training is provided prior to deployment. Address verification, reference verification and other verification will be conducted before deployment.
34. How much salary is paid for housekeeping job?
Salary for housekeeping in Mumbai is around Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 14,000 for 9 hours job and 6 days a week. Plus you will be entitled to PF and ESIC benefits. Average starting salary in metro cities is Rs. 10,000 for housekeeping job in India.
35. How can I get pantry boy job?
Pantry boy serves tea, beverages, etc. to employees and visitors. Principal employer recruits pantry boy through facility management companies. You can approach any facility company such as Globe Security for pantry boy job.
36. How much is pantry boy salary?
Pantry boy salary is governed by Minimum wages and hence salary is same as for housekeeping job. Average pantry boy salary starts from Rs. 10,000 plus PF and ESIC benefits.
37. How can I get office boy job?
Office boy in a large organisation act as a helper in moving and manging documents inside and outside the office. You can find vacancy at any facility management company. Some basic joining process and training is involved before deployment.
38. How much is office boy salary?
Office boy salary depends upon minimum wages prescribed by the respective state government. Average in hand salary of office boy for 9 hours job and 6 days a week is Rs. 10,000 plus PF and ESIC benefits.
39. Should I choose security guard job or housekeeping job?
There is great demand for good housekeeper and security guard in India. Both the Industry have tremendous scope for employment. Under minimum wages, salary for both category may be same or similar. But, usually security is higher paying job than housekeeping one. For Security, physique and training are two important aspect and if you are short or not having good physique than housekeeping job may be more ideal for you. A professional security guard commands more respect in society and has many duty related power. If you have commanding skill and prefer to control the situation then security job is suitable for you. If you are afraid of cleaning and manual work then security job is ideal for you. Housekeeping job is mostly of 9 hours a day with weekly off whereas security guard job is of 8 hours to 12 hours and mostly without weekly off. Based on your physique, skill and interest you can chose between the two. No work is small or big, its your attitude that makes the difference.
40. What are the benefits of ESIC for a security guard?
Benefit for a beneficiary under ESIC scheme is same irrespective of your salary or designation. Following are the benefits:
Full medical care for you and your family members from day one
Cash compensation during sickness @70% of wages up to 3 months
Maternity Benefit for 26 week with full wages
90% of wages is receivable for unlimited time if unable to work due to employment injury which causes temporary disablement
90% of wages receivable for permanent disablement
90% of wages to dependents due to employment death
Rs. 15,000 funeral benefit
41. How to avail ESIC benefit?
You need to have e-Pehchan card to avail any benefit of ESIC scheme. If your family stays at different location, a separate e-pehchan card can be obtained for them also. You can contact security company office for e-Pehchan card. Once you have e-pehchan card, you can contact ESIC dispensary where your IP is registered to avail benefits. You can avail treatment at ESIC dispensary, ESIC hospital or even with tie up private hospitals. For more information refer this law advisor video
42. How to withdraw PF money?
If your UAN is already linked to Aadhar, you can submit withdrawal claim online om the Member e-Sewa Portal or by visiting regional EPFO office along with duly filled composite form. You can contact your security company to help you with withdrawal process.
43. Whether my PF amount will be transferred automatically if I join some other company?
Yes, PF amount is now auto transferred when you change the job as one common UAN linked to your Aadhar is now generated which is valid throughout your life. Upon change of job, UAN remains same and hence PF deposited against your UAN reflects the earlier balance also. You have to ensure that your Aadhar number in linked, KY is complete and approved by previous employer through DSC and previous employer has marked you exit through the employer portal.
44. Why my pension amount is not getting transferred from old job to new job?
Only EPF employee share (12%) and employer share (3.67%) gets transferred upon change of job. EPS i.e., Pension fund (8.33%), does not get transferred, but you need not worry as you can withdraw the pension amount at the time of EPF withdrawal by filing form 10C and you will automatically get entire pension amount.
45. Can I withdraw my pension contribution in PF account after 10 years?
To withdraw EPS (Pension), you need to have worked at least 6 months and maximum 9 years and 6 months. More than 9 years and 6 months is counted as 10 years. Once you complete 10 years of service, you cannot withdraw EPS, but you will be entitled to monthly pension upon your retirement which is 58 years in EPF.
46. What I need to ensure for smooth enrolment to PF and ESIC and availing the benefits under both the scheme.
Your Aadhar needs to be have proper DOB and not just year of birth. Your PAN and Aadhar should have exactly same name, otherwise your security company cannot register you for PF and you will face problem during withdrawal too. Similarly, your and your family members Aadhar need to be updated in ESIC to avail benefits through e_Pehchan card. Your bank passbook and PAN details are also required for KYC purpose. As per new notification, you need to have bank pass book also to enable registration under ESIC scheme. In short, you Aadhar, PAN and Bank pass book are three important documents for PF and ESIC registration, KYC and to claim benefits.